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Prism E3 kite parts

Prism E3 kite parts

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Center T [+CA$7.70]
Leading Edge Fitting/4 [+CA$7.70]
Standoff /2 [+CA$6.40]
Standoff Retainer Fitting/2 [+CA$2.95]
Wingtip Nock /2 [+CA$5.10]
Ferrule /2 [+CA$2.95]

Center T

This little bugger does so much and asks for so little. It holds your lower spreaders and the spine together. It gives the bridle something to hold onto in the middle, and if you're flying the QPro, it'll even hold your weight kit firmly in place! They come in many shapes and sizes, but they're all working hard to keep you flying.

Leading Edge Fitting (set of 4)

You've heard the phrase, "where the rubber meets the road" before, right? Well for kiting, these molded fittings are where the rubber meets the carbon. Holding spreaders firmly in place along the leading edges under all sorts of wind conditions is no easy job, but these specially molded parts are up to the task. Be sure to check them out for signs of wear and tear along the way. Often bridle or flight lines can cut into this part as you're perfecting your ground recovery techniques. Sliced open elbow fittings + big wind = unplanned "landings"

Standoffs (set of 2)

Stand offs are all about giving the sail its shape. They're sold in pairs so you'll always have a spare.

Standoff Retainer Fittings (set of 2)

These fittings retain the stand offs. They slide onto your lower spreader and have a hole for the standoff to go into. Not too exciting you say? Just try and fly without them and see how much fun you have!

Wing Tip Nocks (set of 2)

If you've been practicing tip-stabs on rocky ground, there's a good chance you'll need a couple extra of these little widgets. These are the caps that go on the end of the leading edge rods and have a groove in them used to tension the sail.Quick Overview

Ferrule (Set of 2)

The ferrule is what keeps the upper and lower leading edges connected during flight. It's also what gives this kite its compact-take-anywhere quality by providing a middle point to fold the wing.

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